a) REQUESTS AND PAYMENTS: 1) Price and/or reservation of the tour services can change without notice when there is an alteration in services, changes in costs or exchange rates expected, for reasons not attributable to the parties. 2) Ever amount paid before final confirmation of services are collected as an advance payment. Final confirmation of services and its respective price will be when service vouchers and invoice are issued. 3) Credit operations must satisfy the specific requirements set for them. If this is not the case, the interested party must pay the balance with the settlement periods and conditions established in the contract.

b) INCLUDED IN THE RATE: accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the itinerary or other with the same or higher category, occupying single, double or triple rooms etc. According to the chosen rate, with private bathroom and taxes. Meals as indicated at each opportunity. Mentioned excursions. Transfer in and out from airport, bus terminal and hotels when indicated. Planned amount days of accommodation considering that accommodation day starts at 3 PM and ends at 12 PM the next day, regardless check in and check out times and the complete or fractioned use of the day. Length of the tour will be indicated in each case taking as the first day, the day of departure and as the last day included, the day of departure from the destination, regardless of the timetable of departure or arrival on the first or last day.

c) SERVICES NOT INCLUDED: Extras, drinks, laundry, tips, boarding fees, service charges, and other current and/or future taxes, or any service not expressly indicated in the voucher issued by the travel agent. 2) Stays, meals and/or additional expenses or prejudice produced by cancellations or delays of transportation departures or arrivals, or by unforeseen reasons beyond the company's control. 3) Food en route, except those that were expressly included in the itinerary. 4) Expenses and interests in credit operations.

d) RIGHT OF PERMANENCE LIMITATIONS: The company reserves the right to make any passenger leave the tour at any point of it, whose behavior, way of acting, state of health or other serious reasons in the opinion of the company cause danger or inconvenience to the other passengers or could spoil the success of the tour or the normal development of it.

e) DOCUMENTATION: For trips abroad it is necessary to comply with the current legislation in each case. It is the agency's inexcusable responsibility to inform reliably and with sufficient anticipation about the requirements demanded by the migratory, customs and sanitary authorities of the destinations included in the tour, being the passenger's exclusive responsibility to have the personal documentation demanded by the authorities mentioned above.

f) CANCELLATIONS: 1) In the case of withdrawal affecting services contracted by the agency, the refund will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the respective companies provide their services. In all refund cases, the agency may retain the cost of the expenses incurred for the services contracted with third parties.

g) NON-REGULAR OR CHARTER TRANSPORTATION: The previous point apply. Without prejudice of that, in these cases only the cost corresponding to the terrestrial services (hotel, pension, excursions) determined by the organizer according to how the service providers operate, will be refunded.

h) CESSION AND TRANSFER: the right conferred to the client by the contract of tourist services, may be ceded or transferred to other persons up to 30 days before the date of departure, as long as don't oppose the requirements of the transporter, the hotel or the service provider. In cases of different ages of the passengers (adults and minors), the price will be adjusted according to respective rates. In all cases of cession, the company may collect an extra charge of the agreed amount.

i) RESPONSIBILITY: 1) The company expressly declares that it acts as an intermediary in the reservation or contracting of the different services included in the tour: hotels, restaurants, transportation or other providers. However that, the responsibilities of the company, whether as organizer or intermediary of the tour, will be determined according to the dispositions contained in the International Convention on Travel Contracts approved by Law No. 19.918. 2) The company is not responsible for the events that occur due to fortuitous case or major force, climatic or nature forces events that could occur before or during the tour that impede, delay or in any way hinder the total or partial execution of the services committed by the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

j) ALTERATIONS OR MODIFICATIONS: 1) The company reserves the right, for technical or operational reasons, to alter totally or partially the daily schedule and/or services of the tour, before or during its execution. 2) Except for express conditions to the contrary, the stipulated hotels may be changed for another one of same or higher category within the same urban area without any charge to the passenger. Regarding these modifications, the passenger will not have the right to any compensation. 3) The company may cancel any tour when any of the circumstances provided for in article 24 of Decree No. 2182/72 are present. 4) Once the trip has started, the suspension, modification or interruption of the services by the passenger for personal reasons of any kind, will not give right to any claim or refund.

k) ARBITRATION CLAUSE: Any issue arising from the conclusion, compliance, breach, extension or termination of this contract may be submitted by the parties to the resolution of the Arbitration Court of the Argentine Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism and/or the Arbitration Courts operating in their regional offices. In case of submission to such jurisdiction, the contracting parties shall be subject to and accept all the conditions established by the Regulations of the Arbitration Court.

l) TERMS OF APPLICATION: This contract and in its case the provision of services, shall be regulated exclusively by these general conditions, by Law No. 18.829 and its regulation and by the Brussels Convention approved by Law No. 19.918. These general conditions together with the remaining documentation given to the passengers will constitute the Travel Contract established by the mentioned Convention.

m) INTERMEDIARY: POWER TRIP BRC EVT leg. 14363 explicitly declares that it acts only as an intermediary between the travelers and the entities or persons that provide the services indicated on our website. Therefore it declines any responsibility for deficiencies in any of the services provided, as well as any accident, damage, injury, delay or irregularities that may occur during the execution of the services to the people who perform the trip through its mediation. It declines any responsibility for delays, advances or cancellations made by airlines or transport companies, the costs being borne by the passengers. When the transport is provided in own vehicles or vehicles rented by the organizer, the traveler is expressly subject to the road accident legislation of the nation in which the vehicle is registered, and expressly waives any other rights to which he/she may be entitled, by virtue of which compensation would be paid to the interested parties, beneficiaries or legal representatives in the country of registration of the vehicle and in the legal currency of the country. The payment of any compensation in case of an accident is the responsibility of the insurance companies only.

n) WEATHER CONDITIONS: POWER TRIP BRC is not responsible for natural weather and atmospheric conditions, for manifestations, riots, or for any fortuitous case or major force not responsible for the will of any of the parts, which will affect the tour contracted by the passengers.

o) CUSTOMER CANCELLATION/NON SHOW: In case of excursion cancellation from customer the following conditions will apply:

  • 24 hs. in advance notice (departure schedule), total refund (100%). 
  • Until 5 PM of the day before the excursion, 50% refund.
  • After 5 PM of the day before the excursion, No Refund applies.

Cancellations are accepted only if the following requirements are accomplished: 

  • Prior notice by call 
  • Complete the digital form (click here)

NON SHOW: In case that the passenger doesn't show up to the excursion and doesn't give notice to the company, it is considered a No Show and he/she will lose any right to refund or change of date or excursion.

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